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Licensing Issues Professional licensing is a unique area of the law, requiring an understanding of both the issues and the processes involved.


Obtaining a license

Calton Law Group has helped numerous doctors obtain licenses to practice in the State of California. Sometimes, it is as simple as answering a question on an application in the right way. But more often, our representation begins when the initial application for licensure has been denied by the Board. The denial allows us to initiate a special legal process, called a Statement of Issues, which will ultimately lead to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Proper representation at this stage of the licensure process is critical.

Defending a license

A doctor’s license is perhaps the single most important piece of paper the doctor owns. Protecting that license begins with the initial response to any Board Complaint. We have assisted hundreds of doctors with responding to Board Complaints, and, if goes further, defending doctors in disciplinary proceedings before the Medical Board, the Chiropractic Board, the Acupuncture Board, and the Physical Therapy Board. For a detailed explanation of the disciplinary process in California, click the following link:
(note-this will link to the paper on defending disciplinary actions)

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